Alien Robot Drilling Daisy Tanks

Alien Robot having group sex with space babes
Trimon Space Babe, Daisy Tanks wandered into the spaceship of the cybourgian. She was a curious young alien, eager to explore the new world around her. She stumbled across a small tray where she found 2 silver shiny bracelets and a choker. Giving into her naive and vain nature, she tried them on immediately. Suddenly she felt a surge of helplessness as the bracelets tightened around her wrists. She tried to struggle and remove the cuffs, but it was no use. They were sending a signal to her brain, cutting off all control of her own body. Daisy was then faced with her captor (Alien Robot) who told her that she would be drained slowly of her essence for the survival of Cybourgians and ignoring her plea to help he left her to the control of the cuffs. Stay tuned to to see the next Sci-Fi episode of the alien cuffs.